Website Support & Maintenance

To Busy Working to keep your website updated?

If your website content is out of date or not inline with your marketing material this can reflect poorly on your business/organisation.

We can help make keeping your information exactly where you want it without the need to employ a website administrator. Once set up just send us your instruction with the desired changes in an electronic format and we will get it done for you.

Our Support Options

Option 1 – Monthly Support Plan

  • Time recording by the minute, no minimum standard charges.
  • No long contracts, termination 60 days either way.
  • Cost savings over card rates. By entering a contract you get a discounted rate.
  • Quick service. Once set up we hold all the login details we need and changes can be made much quicker.


  • No contracts, use us just once if you want.
  • Quick and easy, send us your changes in electronic format and we can get straight on it.
  • Competitive rates. We want to encourage you back not upset you on price.

Support & Maintenance Pricing

Plans available from just £40 per month

Need to know more?

Let us provide you with a quotation and explain how you save with our “By the Minute Billing” . It’s likely your website being up to date will pay for itself quickly. You might even sleep better.

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