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Bring Your Online Marketing To Life with Video and Animation

Video Production from EBD

With over 50% growth in video viewing on social media, businesses like yours are driving awareness and sales with video adverts.


Reach more people who matter to you

  • Be at the centre of daily discovery.
  • As an example people in the UK return to Facebook’s News Feed on average 14 times a day.
  • Show your video to more people who matter to you. Target real people based on their interests, behaviours, age, gender and location.
  • Reach people across devices. Video adverts work across desktop and mobile.

Promote your business in your reception/waiting area

Add that professional touch to your business. We can create a promotional video to play while your customers are waiting and most receptive to your marketing/informational messages. 

There is no need to get frustrated trying to stream video (unless you want to) to the tv, we can put your video in HD onto a memory stick and play it directly from there to your TV. No cables, extra power, just plug the usb memory stick into the back of the TV and away you go. 


Discuss how we can help your business succeed with video and animation.


A visual presentation for your waiting area (no sound)